How To View iPhone Call History On iPhone, Ipad, Mac, Or Even On Your Computer

How To View iPhone Call History On iPhone, Ipad, Mac, Or Even On Your Computer

6 Ways to View iPhone Call History

6 Ways to View iPhone Call History
6 Ways to View iPhone Call History


In this present era, technology makes our life simpler and more efficient than ever. Every person has an electronic device in their pocket (especially teens) to serve a variety of purposes. It is essential for parents to monitor their children’s activities. If you think your daughter is making a phone call that has been going on for a long time then, you need to be aware of who is calling. The chance of harm increasing as technology advances. You can check her call history and identify the phone number that appears suspicious. If you aren’t sure how to access iPhone call history then this article will help you discover the best solution to this problem. We will provide you step by step guide on how to access iPhone call history on iPhone, iPad, Mac and on a PC.

Part 1. Part 1. How to access iPhone Call History on iPhones or iPads, Macs and Computers

Part 2. How to access the deleted call history on your iPhone


Part 1. How to Access iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer

Part 1. How to Access iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer
Part 1. How to Access iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer

Method 1. Check your iPhone’s call history directly

Method 2. Check your iPhone’s call history on iPad

– Method 3. Access iPhone Call History on Mac

4. Method 4. Access your iPhone’s call history on Windows Computer

– Method 5. The best way to view your own or someone else’s phone call history on the iPhone [RecommendedMethod 5]


Method 1. How do I View Call History on iPhone Directly?


Accessing call history of iPhone device is not a difficult task. It’s easy to access call history on iPhone. Follow the steps in the following steps.

Step 1: In order to ensure that your iPhone is in the Homescreen First, you must open it. If it’s not, you can press the Home key.

Step 2: Tap on the Phone app icon at the bottom of the dock to open the Phone App.

Step 3: Phone application interface will show Click on the”Recent” tab which is placed on the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: You will check your call history that includes each missed call, inbound phone call, as well as all outgoing calls that were made from the iPhone.

Step 5: Go through the call logs and tap on the”I” icon to view more information about selected call logs.

Step 6: You will discover additional information regarding the log of calls. There are different actions such as the call or FaceTime call, send messages or create new contacts and others.


Method 2. How do I get iPhone Call History on iPad?


Follow the guide to view iPhone call history on iPad.

Step 1: Open Settings by pressing the “Settings” icon.

Step 2: Now scroll down until you can select FaceTime from the options.

Step 3: In the menu of FaceTime menu, toggle the feature of Calls from iPhone to view the call history of the iPhone device.

Take note that both iPhones and iPads are connected to the same Apple ID.

Method 3. How do I view iPhone Call History on Mac?


Step 1 1. Step 1: Open Mac App Drawer, locate FaceTime application, then click on it.

Step 2: FaceTime app interface will appear. Click on it to open your preferences.

Step 3: Preferences dialog box will open, you have to click on the”Settings” tab.

Step 4: To view your call history from your iPhone device, select the Settings tab.

Method 4. How do I check iPhone call history on Windows Computer


If there is no third-party mobile utility program it’s usually impossible to access the call history on the computer. You can use various mobile phone utility software for example, iSkysoft Toolbox and AnyTrans. You can make use of these tools to view iPhone call history on your computer.

Step 1: First you need to download and install this tool on your computer.

Step 2: After installing launch the app, then connect the iPhone device to your computer.

Step 3: Once your device has successfully connected, you’ll see a dashboard with all the personal information you’ve entered.

Step 4: Click the”Call History” to view call history that is stored on the iPhone device.


Method 5. This is the easiest way to see your iPhone’s call history.


FreePhoneSpy lets you view the history of your calls on any targeted iPhone device across other devices. It’s a comprehensive tool that makes it easy to access all information in just a few clicks. FreePhoneSpy is able to monitor Android as well as iOS devices. FreePhoneSpy is a robust tool that allows you to monitor your target device. It permits you to get access to call history and messages as well as location tracking. You can also monitor internet monitoring. FreePhoneSpy is able to view the iPhone call logs. Monitoring is conducted remotely. The device in question can be accessed from anyplace, 24 x 7.

This is Why You Should Consider This iPhone Call History Hacker

FreePhoneSpy makes monitoring simpler and more convenient thanks to its easy-to-use features.

The installation and configuration of FreePhoneSpy can be completed one time only. For Android devices, download FreePhoneSpy apk. If not, you must enter the iCloud ID/password of the desired iOS device.

Accessing call logs on the your target iOS or Android device is possible with FreePhoneSpy it is just a matter of to launch the FreePhoneSpy online dashboard to remotely access call logs for the target device.

If your child or your partner are not telling you where they are then you should try FreePhoneSpy to see where your loved one is. FreePhoneSpy is able to locate the device, without the need for GPS be turned on. FreePhoneSpy makes use of GPRS and Wi-Fi networks for locating the device on a Google map.

It’s easy to review your iPhone call history anytime and anywhere

Step 1. Register A FreePhoneSpy Account

To begin, you must visit the official website of FreePhoneSpy and then sign up page. FreePhoneSpy account page by clicking the”Sign Up”.

Step 2. Select iOS System

Then, enter your Email ID, Password and birthday date, name of teenager, and operating system. We’re selecting the iOS operating system since we wish to access our iPhone call log.

3. Verify iCloud ID

This will take you to the iCloud login screen. Input your iCloud ID password. Once you have your authentic iCloud login credentials have been was entered, click the”Verify” button to verify confirmation and begin monitoring the desired iOS device.

Step 4. Verify Yourself or another Person’s Call History on iPhone

Once you are done complete, visit the Sign-In page of FreePhoneSpy. Enter the FreePhoneSpy account details created in step 1

The Online FreePhoneSpy dashboard will be displayed. To see the iPhone call history on any device, click the call logs located in the left pane.

Some users use Verizon as well as Boost networks. To view and review your iPhone’s call logs simply log into your account.

Download FreePhoneSpy App at:


Part 2. How to View the Call History of Deleted Calls on iPhone


Accessing deleted call history on iPhone is possible with the iCloud service. Apple’s iPhone lets you backup your call history to iCloud provided that the iCloud backup & sync option is enabled. You can restore your iCloud backup to your iPhone if you wish to review the history of calls that was erased.

Simple Steps to View Deleted Call History on iPhone

Step 1: Tap the icon to open the iPhone’s Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down , select the”General” and click on”Reset” button.

Step 3: Now click on the”Erase all contents and settings”.

Step 4: Once your device restarts, you’ll be asked to create the interface.

Step 5: Click on the Apps Data and Apps interface, and tap “Restore from iCloud backup” to input your iCloud ID password.

Step 6: Once that is done you have hit the”Next” button to begin the restoration process.

Step 7: Once you’re done, look up the history of calls deleted by your phone through the Phone App.




For parents and business owners, it is necessary to make sure their kids and employees are not communicating with the wrong person. Employers must make sure that their employees aren’t sharing their business secrets with anyone else. To keep track of your employees’ telephone calls you can view their call logs on iPhone. If you’ve found this information helpful then don’t forget to share it with other users.

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