How To Track Secretly Messages Sent Via Text On iPhone

How To Track Secretly Messages Sent Via Text On iPhone

2 Methods to Track secretly text messages on iPhone

2 Methods to Track secretly text messages on iPhone
2 Methods to Track secretly text messages on iPhone

Sometimes, people just want know what another person is doing. Many tools can be found online, that are designed for spying. Such apps secretly work in the background of monitored device and record every activity. Are you wondering how you can track text messages in iPhone? This is the right location for you.

Part 1: Secretly Monitoring Text Messages on the iPhone

Part 2: How you can track texts on iPhone using iMessage


Part 1. How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone

Part 1. How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone
Part 1. How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone

FreePhoneSpy is a mobile phone tracker tool, is compatible with both Android as well as iOS. Getting engaging with the tool, you can protect your kids from harmful online dangers. It blocks children from visiting unsuitable websites on the internet browser. You just need to sign up for a FreePhoneSpy free account to use this tool for spying. You will be able to access SMS, Call history and many other options.

FreePhoneSpy is able to remotely track any iOS device. It’s a great tool for parents that want to know what their children do with their smartphones in their daily lives. FreePhoneSpy works on iPhone X/8Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6s/7 Plus/7/6s as well as every other iOS devices. It will only synchronize the data when the iPhone is powered on and connected to the network. FreePhoneSpy offers such tools for a reasonable price. It is affordable for everyone.


Why Use This Software to Track iPhone Text Messages Privately


View messages and SMS: Connecting using FreePhoneSpy You can view monitored phone text SMS remotely. You can also view the attachments like images, video, contact and other types of messages.

FreePhoneSpy View phone contacts without the user’s knowledge. You can see all contact information all in one location including the name, number, address, etc.

FreePhoneSpy helps you access web browser history. This is a major benefit over other tools. To access the entire phone, you just must enter the Cloud ID details of the phone you want to access.

View pictures of the monitored device for screen shots, personal photos, and many other images. FreePhoneSpy also allows you to download thumbnails of photos or original photo.

Notes and memos can be accessed The majority of people save important details and passwords in their notes. FreePhoneSpy makes remote access to notes and memos very easy. All you need to do is to create your own FreePhoneSpy account, then input your iCloud details.


How to Monitor iPhone Text Messages by using FreePhoneSpy


Are you looking for the “how to find text messages in iPhone” solution? We have the solution for you. Follow these steps to monitor text SMS on any iOS device.

Step 1: Open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and navigate to the FreePhoneSpy website. Then click on”Sign up” to register a your free FreePhoneSpy account.

Step 2: Fill in details of the target device including model numbers and owner name. When the above steps are completed, ensure that your device is enabled for iCloud backup/syncing.

Step 3: Type in the login information of iCloud like iCloud ID and Password. Then, click “Verify”.

Step 4: After that step is to visit FreePhoneSpy Dashboard. Select “Messages” in the left panel. This will allow you to look up every sent and received message on any monitored iPhone.

Download FreePhoneSpy to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone at:


Part 2. How to track text messages on iPhone using iMessage


IMessages lets you keep track of messages from another iOS device such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is a built-in feature that allows you to track all incoming and outgoing messages from the target device. This is another way to address your query about “how can I keep track of messages sent via text on the iPhone?” It is easy to follow these steps to keep track of messages.

Step 1: First of all first, you must open”Settings” on your target device.

Step 2: Then you need to swipe down to select “Messages” by pressing it.

Step 3: Next, click on”Send and Receive” to add another user. This will display the email address that has been granted permission to see iMessages.

Step 4: When the above steps have been completed, click on Add an email address for another person. This is where we’ve already added an email account.

Step 5: You will now see the messages that were sent to and received from the target device.

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