How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Spy on iPhone messages for free

Spy on iPhone messages for free
Spy on iPhone messages for free

Security breaches are on the rise like never before. This makes it harder to feel secure about your loved ones as well as your family. Sometimes it is necessary to monitor younger siblings and parents. You can be discreet and avoid disturbing them by being spying on iPhone texts for free. They won’t be aware and will not be able to tell you. They won’t even interact with those who send their harmful or offensive messages. It is possible that your spouse or partner of being cheating on you. It is possible to look on the text messages of your spouse’s iPhone and uncover the fact. In cases like this, there are numerous software and applications available to help ease your anxiety.

Part 1. Free apps to spy on iPhone text messages

Part 2. Part 2. How to Monitor iPhone messages with the most effective Software (with an instructional guide)

Part 1. FREE Apps for Monitoring iPhone Text Messages

Part 1. FREE Apps for Monitoring iPhone Text Messages
Part 1. FREE Apps for Monitoring iPhone Text Messages

There are many free apps that let you spy on iPhone conversations. We’ll be highlighting iPhone apps that allow you to monitor your text messages. Let’s see what these apps can offer us.

1. PhoneTracking

The app lets you monitor iPhone messages sent from the both Android as well as iOS phones. The entire conversation is visible when the app is turned on. For clues, search the phones of your children. Once the iPhone is connected to PhoneTracking You can log into to gain access to any details you require. Apart from monitoring iPhone texts and other messages, you can view remotely all other activities happening using the iPhone. The program runs in the background and the user of the device won’t be able to tell that it’s being watched.

Rating: 4 stars from 5


PhoneTracking is able to monitor iPhone text messages. It also gathers data from WhatsApp conversations as well as phone calls.

This program lets you see the browsing history as well as the download history of children’s iPhones. The control panel lets you to limit their internet use.

Also, you can decide the app’s installation and use on the device you want to. Remotely delete infected apps. In the event of iPhone is taken away, you can restore its storage space.


– It bypasses iMessage security protocols in order to get it.

It is possible to accidentally erase useful documents using the remote formatting feature

2. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy allows you to spy on iPhone text messages as well as Facebook messages. It also lets users to track other messenger applications and handles on social networks. It can also monitor the GPS position of the targeted device. TheTruthSpy lets you track your employees or your children in just a few minutes.

Rating: 3.1 stars out of five


The app features simple interface, as well as important logging capabilities.

– It is compatible with both chief OS phones, which are Android and iOS.

It’s available in various languages benefitting the users from various places.


It is a basic version with no options , until you decide to purchase the full version.

– The customer support options are also not satisfactory.

3. It is a built-in feature of iMessage

This method, as the heading suggests, is an inbuilt method which can be performed using your iPhone. It’s an effective way to spy on iPhone SMS messages at no cost. This method allows every iOS device user to access the sent and received messages of the person you are targeting. Here are the steps to be followed.

Open Settings on the target phone. Now, tap on’Messages’ option and then select the Send & Receive’ option.

Free surveillance of text messages on iphone

Select the “Add an Email” button now to input your email address. Take your phone and track every email sent to and received by the targeted iPhone.

Access for free text messages sent via your iPhone 2


There’s no requirement to install any extra app to watch the target device.


This method is only used to spy on messages.

4. AppSpy offers iPhone spying for free

This iOS software is perfect to monitor iPhone text messages. This program is adored by happy customers and is the most awaited. When looking for a wonderful list of spying software, AppSpy should not be left out. There are many features, as well as the listening function are included in this application. This program can be used to monitor phone messages, texts and locations. Keylogger lets you gain access to the passwords of your the phones you want to target.

Rating: 4.3 stars out of five


– It is completely inaccessible and provides 24/7 support to clients.

AppSpy offers a 100percent money back guarantee and reliability.

– Notifications and alerts will alert you when there is an irregularity.


The process of setting up and activating can be long and tedious.

The software performs a little slower.

5. 6Spy

6Spy is the latest option to aid you in spying on iPhone text messages. It offers a complete services packagethat is available for free. It gives you access to messages, calls, SMS applications, places as well as many more. It is secure and safe to use.

Rating: 3.3 stars out of 5


You can track messages deleted from the target device.

– 6spy offers multi-user scenario implying multiple devices can be accessed easily.

It’s possible to use it on iPhone and Android.


The interface is a bit old-fashioned.

Part 2. How to spy on iPhone messages using the best software (with instructions)

After a thorough review of iPhone applications to monitor text messages, we bring you the most effective software that can render you unmatched advantages. MobileSpy allows you to remotely monitor employees’ phones or children using your own device. It is available to both iOS and Android mobile monitoring, this software is known to give the most efficient performance. You can track the employee’s smartphone or iPhone for calls, texts apps, texts, and a variety of data types.

MobileSpy’s Key Features

It is possible to track employees and set their work schedules in a legal manner.

– Even if your children are gone, you can still be around to supervise them. This lets you ensure their safety. You can also check their iPhone/Android device’s battery levels.

It works across all browsers. You’ll never be disappointed, regardless of whether you are using it on your Windows or Mac, or on your mobile device.

Remotely read messages in text on your phones you want to target in addition to photos video, text messages, and more through social media.

– All phones can record approximately 29 kinds of information. With its synchronous tracking technology it is easy to monitor the GPS location and movement of your child.

Let’s review the complete guide to learn how to spy on iPhone messages on texts

Step 1: Create an account

Click”Try it Now” button at FreePhoneSpy Text Message Spy Android Free and signup using your email ID. Make sure to remember the password and ID you entered when you signed up.

Step 2: Set up your iPhone

Log into MobileSpy and then type in the name, the age, and operating system of the phone. Touch the Apple logo at the bottom of the screen, after which you can click Next..

Step 3: Enter iCloud credentials

Input the iCloud ID and password, and click ‘Verify’. Download the app on the other iPhone as well and enter the credentials for iCloud after logging in.

Step 4: Watch iPhone text messages

Now, go to any web browser with your iPhone/Mac/Windows/Android mobile and sign into MobileSpy control panel. The details will appear in the next window after you click on Messages in the left side.

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