How To Locate A Cell Phone's Position Without Installing Software

How To Locate A Cell Phone’s Position Without Installing Software

5 Tips to Track the Location of a Cell Phone Without Installing Any Software

5 Tips to Track the Location of a Cell Phone Without Installing Any Software
5 Tips to Track the Location of a Cell Phone Without Installing Any Software

Many people are tired of searching for ways to locate a mobile without the need to install any software. We have provided a variety of methods that are able to locate the target device without having to download any software. There are also limitations to this method and which other spying applications are better which works effectively in stealth mode to track the location of the targeted device? This article will provide a detailed explanation of the methods used to track location.

Part 1. Part 1.

Part 2. Two Common Methods to Locate the location of a cell phone without installing Software

Part 3. Part 3.

Part 4. Alternative Way to Track A Cell Phone’s Location Without Installing Software

Part 1. What can I do to track the location of a mobile phone without installing any software?

Part 1. What can I do to track the location of a mobile phone without installing any software?
Part 1. What can I do to track the location of a mobile phone without installing any software?

Yes, it is totally controllable to track your cell phone without the need to install software. It is possible to lose your phone, or have to find your children. It is possible to do this without monitoring applications. Nowadays, many of the operating systems come with the capability to can track the cell phone of the targeted person. Smart devices allow you to track and access the GPS location. But most of the time they don’t work all that well, especially if the device is off or there is no cellular network or the GPS is unenabled.

Both iOS as well as Android operating systems have an embedded tracking algorithm that allows you to locate your device.

Android device manager lets you monitor and control your Android device.

The iOS users can use Find My Phone or Lost Phone to keep track of their iOS device’s location.

Part 2. 2 Common Ways to Track the location of your cell phone without Installing any software

Some operating systems include device tracking functions that allow users to monitor their mobile’s location without the need for installing any additional software.

For tracking iOS Cell Phone Location Using iCLoud Without Installing Software

Apple devices come with an integrated Find My iPhone Feature, however, it is required to activate it. The feature will not function if it isn’t activated. Follow the steps below to activate it.

Step 1: On the settings of your iPhone go to settings, and then click on your Apple ID. Next, choose iCLoud. you can search here for Find My iPhone and activate it.

Step 2: As you have successfully activated the feature, you can monitor your iOS device with iCloud via any internet browser.

Step 3: Sign in to using your credentials.

Step 4: Now choose the Find My iPhone and click on it.

Step 5: Next, select the All Devices. Look for or remove the device that you wish to erase. When you choose the device, it gives you the option to erase your iOS device, send an alert, or even to secure the device.

Track Android Cell Phone Locations with Android Device manager without installing Software

For Android users, they will get the new facility to locate your device through the Android device manager. This feature is built into the most recent versions of Android Devices. If you’re using older versions, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Step 1 1. Connect your Google Account first to your Android phone. Using ADM later, you will be able find the device.

Step 2: Sign up with your Google Account to access a dashboard that displays your deviceand some choices.

Step 3: You are able to search the area, apply for lock or erase , and even make a sound for the alarm.

Part 3. What are the limitations for the tracking of cell phone location without the installation of software?

There are various limitations when trying to track the location of your mobile phone with no software installed:

The results may not be that Accurate:

Tracking the cell phone’s location with no software installed can be useful, it’s not guaranteed that it will yield positive results. There are also chances of not being able locate the target device.

The spy apps come with other features:

Spy software that utilizes advanced search algorithms offer more than GPS Locations. They operate in stealth mode and recover all the necessary information like call log history, browsing information, text messages etc..

Part 4. Alternative Methods to Track a Cell Phone’s location without installing Software

FreePhoneSpy allows remote monitoring of the location as well as the background of the device. It also allows you to search for the location of the device and find out if the person you are concerned is lying about their location. While you can find information on the historical location of the person, this tool has a further advantage. The tool lets you view call log information and contact information and notes, calendars, and SMS history. It also monitors social media usage. It works with all major operating systems which includes Android as well as iOS. To monitor your smartphone, you don’t have to root it or jailbreak.

Why Use This Cell Phone Location Tracker?

FreePhoneSpy allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the target phone, and also display additional information.

It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

To check text messages, contact details, call details, you can look everything up on the device you want to use.

It allows you to monitor the web browsing history of your device of choice.

Media files, which include videos and photos, can be played on the target device right now.

Get FreePhoneSpy App for Tracking A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software: FreePhoneSpy Best Free Android Spy App Apk Download.

An alternative way to track a cell phone’s location without installing software is a simple step

Step 1. Sign up

You will need to visit the FreePhoneSpy website and sign up for a free Account. Enter a valid email and password to log into the account. After that, you can visit the wizard to enter the details of the targeted person and their device. Input the Name, Age, as well as the operating system. Choose from the available options to pick Android or iOS.

Step 2. Step 2.

If you opt for Android for your device, it is necessary to download the FreePhoneSpy app. Before you can launch the application, it’s important to enable “Unknown sources”.

Sign in with your FreePhoneSpy account, then select Allow all Permission. To start monitoring, press”Start Monitoring” button. The icon for the app will disappear from your home page. This is a sign that the app has been activated.

Step 3. Locating the Cell Phone’s Location Remotely

Log into your FreePhoneSpy account. The left right side of the screen you can check the”Location” tab. Click to determine the exact location of the person in question. It is possible to view the “Location History”, but it won’t reveal the exact location when you monitor an iOS device.

FreePhoneSpy is compatible with iOS devices, however it isn’t necessary to install it. There is also no requirement to jailbreak, as you just need is an Apple ID and password on the device you want to use.


We have shown you the methods to locate phones without installing any software. Although these methods can be effective in some cases, they do not provide any results. FreePhoneSpy allows you to track the phone and track its location.

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