How Do I View iPhone Call History On iPhone, Ipad, Mac Or On A Computer

How Do I View iPhone Call History On iPhone, Ipad, Mac Or On A Computer

100% Workable Ways on How to Record Phone Calls

100% Workable Ways on How to Record Phone Calls
100% Workable Ways on How to Record Phone Calls

The internet has made it simpler to be aware of potential internet-based threats. The internet has left digital footprints everywhere, from buying online to surfing the web. These dangers have negative effects on teens. It is vital for parents to keep an eye over their teenagers. Bullying is a concern for parents. Parents must be able to see who is calling your child on their phone. If you’re in doubt and want to record phone calls with being aware, then check out this article. This article will give you most effective methods of recording phone calls on iPhone and Android devices.

Part 1. How to record phone calls using iPhone

Part 2. How to Record Phone Calls on Android

Part 3. Part 3.

Part 4. Three Apps to Record phone calls in secret

5. Recommendations to the Best iPhone and Android Phone Data Hacker

Part 1. How to record phone calls on iPhone

Part 1. How to record phone calls on iPhone
Part 1. How to record phone calls on iPhone

Google Voice is the application developed by Google for iOS and Android devices. Engaging with this application, users can make unlimited voice phone calls throughout Canada as well as the United States. It comes with a variety of great features that enhance the call quality. This is the best solution to the problem of recording a phone call using iPhone without revealing your identity. Follow these steps to discover how to record phone conversations on iPhone with Google Voice.

How to record phone calls on an iPhone in only three steps

Step 1: You will first need to download the Google Voice App from Apple App Store.

Step 2: When the installation and download process is finished, you will need to open the Google Voice application.

Step 3: Sign up to get an account through the app. Enter a number. Next, you need to click on “three dots” They are located in the upper left hand corner of the Google Voice interface.

Step 4: Following that click on the”Settings” and choose”Calls”. Step 4: After you’ve completed the steps above successfully, go to “Settings” and then choose “Calls”.

Once you’ve configured the recording settings in Google Voice app, every calls that are received will be recorded.

You may be looking to learn more about recording conversations on Android as well as iPhone. The information below could be helpful.

Part 2. How to record phone calls using Android

If we are talking about recording calls on Android, there are lots of options to choose from. It is not an easy job to select the right one to use on your Android device. ACR (Automatic Call Recorder) is an option worth considering. Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) is an Android voice recorder application. This application has many amazing features that are superior to Google Voice. This app comes in two versions, Free and paid. You will be limited to features and advertisements in the free version. Switch to the premium version and you will be free of any limitations.

Simple steps to record Android Phone Calls

Step 1: Download the Automatic Call Recorder app from Google Play Store to your Android device.

Step 2: After the download and installation process is completed then click on the”Open” button to launch the application.

Step 3: Click “Yes” to allow the following permissions to ACR, including phones, microphones, and contacts as well as storage.

Step 4 4. Accept the message and check all the term and conditions and then tapping on”Yes”.

Step 5: Open the side menu and click on “Settings”.

Step 6: Tap on the “Recording” category of the Settings interface.

Step 7: Tap “Start Recording” under the Recording Modes and then change the setting to “Auto”.

Part 3. How to record a phone call using iPhone or Android remotely

Record phone calls remotely on iPhone or Android may seem daunting, but it’s a breeze with the help of tools like TheTruthSpy. It is essentially a monitoring software that is made for parental control and employee monitoring. You can record phone calls for both Android and iPhone through its voice call recording feature. You can also record calls from a distance. You are able to record a call on your Android or iPhone remotely by following the steps below.

Easy Stesps for Recording Phone calls on iPhone as well as Android Remotely

Step 1: Open a Web browser and go to

Step 2: You’ll be required to enter your Email ID and Password on the Create Account page.

Step 3: To install TheTruthSpy You must physically connect to the device you want to install.

– In case of Android, you can download the TheTruthSpy apk file from here

– In case of iOS, you have to download the app from Cydia by adding the sources

Step 4: Use the application to enter the TheTruthSpy account information. You must accept the permissions to begin monitoring.

Step 5: Then step is to open TheTruthSpy web-based dashboard. Select Calls to record voice calls.

Part 4. Three Apps to Record Secretly Making Phone Calls

1. Secret Call Recorder Pro 2018

Secret Call Recorder Pro 2018 is a hidden call recording application that is designed for recording calls using the individual who you are recording. Using Secret call recording is very easy compared to other voice recording hidden programs. The tool is completely silent and records every inbound and outgoing call. It is the best Android application to record calls in secret.

The Key features of Secret Call Recorder Pro 2018:

Secret Call Recorder Pro 2018 will record your calls efficiently.

– This app works completely in stealth mode.

It is available for download via Google Play Store at free at no cost.


It’s not compatible with certain Android devices.


— Android version 4.0.3 or later version of Android is supported.

2. Secret Call Recorder for Autos

Hidden Auto Call Recorder, another Android phone call recorder app, is available. You can try this Android app to record phone calls privately without knowing who the caller is.

The Essential Highlights of Hidden Auto Recorder

This app lets you to record automatically each calls that are outgoing and inbound.

– You can also share the voice recording via Bluetooth or text message, as well as other methods.


The recording function may not work because of a major bug.


It is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and up.

3. Call Recorder Hide

Call Recorder hide is one of the mobile call apps that will record conversations using high-quality voice. You can record voice conversations by using this application. All you have to do is download the app and install it on the target device.

The Most Important Features of the Call Recorder Hide

It is available for free.

Call Recorder Hide voice calls in high-quality


Call recording accuracy isn’t as good as it could be.


It is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher.

Part 5. Recommend the Best iPhone and Android Phone Data Hacker

You can find a variety of tools online for hacking into your phone’s mobile phone. This article will introduce an application that allows you to hack your spouse’s, child’s and employee’s phone data. FreePhoneSpy can be used on Android and iPhones , and permits users to gain access to phone information like call history, messages, and more.

Why do I recommend this iPhone and Android Phone hacker?

Remote access to call logs devices that are targeted Android and iOS devices.

FreePhoneSpy’s location tracking can be a great tool to locate where the device you want to track is.

You don’t need to root or jailbreak the device you have. Android or iOS device.

This tool for monitoring does not require any specific skills.


What is the time you’re wasting? If you’re interested in recording calls on your Android or iOS device, then install the above-mentioned apps. These apps allow you to record calls even if the target person is not identified. Additionally, you can download these applications free for download from the store for apps.

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