Five Ways To View Private Facebook Profiles

Five Ways To View Private Facebook Profiles

5 Best Ways to View Your Private Facebook Profile

5 Best Ways to View Your Private Facebook Profile
5 Best Ways to View Your Private Facebook Profile

On Facebook it is possible to connect with any number users and view their profiles as long as the profiles are not private. Private accounts hide their profile information , so only their close friends can view it. The privacy feature lets you to hide your profile details from anyone, even those who are not on your list of friends. But it is quite a challenge for parents to monitor their kid’s activities. It is also difficult to keep track of what their children post and the people they’re connected with on Facebook If they’ve been able to block all their family members. We’ll show you how to access your personal Facebook profile.

Part 1. How to view a private Facebook Profile Without Being Friends [Best Way]

Part 2. 3 Common Methods to View photos and private Facebook profiles

Part 3. Another method to access private Facebook through Username

Part 1. How to access a private profile on Facebook without being friends

Part 1. How to access a private profile on Facebook without being friends
Part 1. How to access a private profile on Facebook without being friends

If your child has a private profile, it can cause concern for you as a parent. This is why parents require a Facebook hidden profile viewer that can help to overcome the restrictions on private profiles and view the activity of their profile without issue. If you’re searching for an app like this, then FreePhoneSpy monitoring tool can help you.

FreePhoneSpy is a monitoring tool that is used by parents to keep track of their children’s actions on Facebook. FreePhoneSpy allows you to watch the activities of a targeted mobile phone. Facebook under the social app is one example of a feature that lets you look up a target’s personal profile. This feature is only available on Android devices. It can be very beneficial for accessing the user’s Facebook profile, even though they’re not public. Install the FreePhoneSpy application on the target device and then access the FreePhoneSpy Facebook private profiles viewer online to view the individual’s Facebook activities.

Download FreePhoneSpy at: Important link.

FreePhoneSpy Key Features

Remotely track the activity of a person’s cell phone.

It is possible to view the call logs as well as text messages from your targeted.

The history of the browser used by the target may also be assessed.

You can also monitor other social apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

Part 2. 3 Common Methods to View Private Facebook Profile and Photos

FreePhoneSpy isn’t the only method of accessing the private Facebook profile. There are many other methods. Here are a few of the best methods to access someone’s private Facebook account.

Method 1: Using Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a way to gain access temporarily to a person’s Facebook profile. Since a private account cannot be seen by anyone other than the person’s friends, and you’re not sure if the person will add you to their friend list So, you can make use of the Social Engineering technique to get temporary access to the account. Send a message (if you have a connection with the person, alter your name), and then you’ll be granted temporary access to their personal information like friends, DOB and other details.

Method 2, using PictureMate

PictureMate is an extension free for Google Chrome that you can utilize to look at someone’s Facebook without the need to make them your friend. It is an amazing tool, especially if you have to access private Facebook photos of profiles privately. This tool is extremely useful when you require information on the person you want to target by looking at photos that they have been posted. The steps below will show you how to use PictureMate for viewing your private profile.

1. Visit the official website of PictureMate at and install the Google Chrome Extension on your Google Chrome browser.

2. Restart the browser and go to Facebook.

3. Browse for the photos you’d like to tag. PictureMate will display all images.

Method 3: Add Target’s friends to Your List of Friends

Certain people restrict their accounts to friends only. Some people utilize the Friends of friend’s option to hide their private information. The friends of the target can view the profile details. What you must do to be able to see the your private Facebook profile is to add the friend of the target to your friends list, and then you could be able to view their profile if they have restricted their privacy to friends of friends. Also, you will have mutual friends, and the person you want to contact could accept your friend request. You might have to conceal your identity in order to prevent them from learning about you.

Part 3. Another method to access private Facebook with a Username

An online tool known as Private Profile Viewer can be used to look into the private Facebook account without needing to sign up or install any application. It’s free to use online and can assist you access private Facebook profiles by providing the person’s Facebook username or ID.

Step 1. Go to and then click on Tool at the navigation bar. You can then search for the person you want to target by using their ID, username or the URL of their Facebook profile.

Step 2. Click Submit Form and then click View Private Picture to view the private pictures of the target.

Although Private Profile Viewer is a simple tool to use, it’s not advised. The claim that it is able to see private profiles is not only questionable but also security-related. This online tool may be free, but when it comes to keeping the security of the compromised profile, it could have some loopholes. It doesn’t work at all as it cannot detect certain Facebook profiles. Instead, you can utilize FreePhoneSpy to check out a person’s private profile.


Making an account private is an privacy feature that stops people from seeing your profile activities. But, this is an issue for of parents who want to keep track of their children’s activities without becoming friends. So, these parents can use the tips provided in this article to access their child’s private profiles on Facebook.

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