2 Must-know Strategies To Track The Location Of A Stolen iPhone

2 Must-know Strategies To Track The Location Of A Stolen iPhone

Retracing a stolen iPhone using two easy ways

Retracing a stolen iPhone using two easy ways
Retracing a stolen iPhone using two easy ways

There are a variety of reasons to be concerned if your iPhone has been stolen. In our modern world the data we store can be misused in numerous ways. There are many methods to figure out how to monitor your iPhone. In addition, you are able to access your stored data even if there isn’t the device. Find out more here about how to track your iPhone.

Part 1 Part 1: Tracking a Stolen iPhone Without Finding My iPhone

Part 2 2. Tracking a Stolen iPhone even in the event that it’s off

Part 3: Accessing iPhone data , even if it is stolen

Part 1. How to track a stolen iPhone Without Find My iPhone

Part 1. How to track a stolen iPhone Without Find My iPhone
Part 1. How to track a stolen iPhone Without Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone app on your iPhone is an ideal tool to locate lost devices and track data. However, if the feature is not activated on your device, it is unable to find the device. But, you can make steps to safeguard your data like:

Alter your Apple ID as it will effectively stop anyone from accessing your data.

Change the passwords on all your accounts on the internet that are important like Facebook.

Send reports of stolen or lost phones to wireless carriers in order to end calls.

– You can also signal your phone that it was stolen or lost to the police.

These are steps you can follow that will assist you in tracking down the stolen or lost device as soon as possible, or, will at least stop anyone from accessing your data.

Part 2. How to Find the Stolen iPhone Even if it’s Off

If you’d like to monitor your iPhone even if it’s not on, it won’t be possible without having access to the internet. However, you are able to activate the “Find My iPhone” mode to inform you of your iPhone’s location almost immediately once it’s turned on.

Step 1. Step 1.

Go to and log in to your iCloud account. The dashboard for your account will be displayed. Select the”Find My iPhone” icon. You will see the Find My iPhone interface, with the map.

Step 2. Step 2.

Choose the missing device by clicking on the “All Devices” dropdown menu. It will display all Apple devices that are associated with your ID. You can choose just the lost device. The tracking process for the device begins and, if it succeeds it will display its whereabouts. If the phone is off, its location won’t display immediately. However, it will display whenever it’s turned on or charged. You can also enable the “Lost Mode” which will lock your phone and display a message in case it’s found and returned to you.

Part 3. How to access the iPhone data even though it was taken

One of the most secure methods to gain access to your iPhone data even when you aren’t carrying your phone on you is to make use of the FreePhoneSpy. FreePhoneSpy is fast, easy and secure. It also has a number of special features that make it even more exceptional.

Why Should You Choose This iPhone Data Tracker?

FreePhoneSpy allows you to keep an eye on more than 29 types of data.

It’s simple and fast to determine the GPS coordinates of the target device.

The program is available across a variety of browsers and devices.

Remotely read text messages and messages sent to your device.

FreePhoneSpy lets you access the data on your phone if it has been taken or lost. You can also use the software to access your phone’s information when you are unable to physically access your device. Follow the below steps to discover how you can find lost iPhone information and gain access to it whenever you require.

How to Track iPhone data even if it is Stolen

Step 1. Step 1.

Create an account with FreePhoneSpy. Go to the website and select the “Try it Now” button. This will open the “Create an account” window. You will be asked to provide your email address and other information to establish an account. Create a password for your account. Click”Sign up” to create your account.

Step 2. Verify Your iCloud Account

After registering on FreePhoneSpy successful, you will be asked for information concerning your iOS device that you want to monitor. Enter the “Name of the target’s device’s owner” in addition to the “Age” of the owner of the device. Click the “Next” button to provide the additional information. Verify your iCloud ID on iOS. Click”Verify”.

Note: To use FreePhoneSpy precisely to monitor the information, you need to verify that the iOS device with the iCloudID being checked has enabled iCloud backup.

Step 3. Step 3.

After the verification of the username and password for iCloud, you’ll be redirected to the control panel, and the information on your devices and app will be properly synced in some time. Each time you sign in to your account, FreePhoneSpy will update your data. FreePhoneSpy does not update the information even if your iOS device is turned off.

Download FreePhoneSpy to Track a Stolen iPhone at: how to spy on android phone for free.


If you’ve lost your Android smartphone or been stolen, you can also test the second version of FreePhoneSpy which has all the features that are similar and can enable you to access more than 29 data types like the history of your browser, contacts as well as messages, calls reminders, and much more. However it’s much more compatible with Android phones.

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